“I am very greatful for all the help that share and care has given me. Having a place to call home to getting new eye glasses, and much more.
I can relax knowing I can call if I need help to shop or got to the doctor or need some advice” — D.M.

“I am glad that I am with share and care or I would have been homeless again. My kitty and I would be sleeping in my care.
Now, I have a home for myself and my kitty. I have a sense of security and hope, I never want to move from my home. I have peace in my heart, and the angels from Share & Care provided that.” — J.C.

“On March 13 2015, When Tracy told me that I had a roof over my head and I was not homeless no more. I thanked the lord and prayed. Now I am very happy now. Thank you Share and care 🙂
This allowed me to be come a man again and respect life. I have so much to be thankful for!” — C.W.

“This program has not only saved me once from being homeless, they have done it twice!! thanks to Share & Care I had a temporary resident supplied & they saw to the repair & replacement of items lost in such a smooth & timely manner it could leave the average person amazed.
It has allowed me to sustain a level of living that makes my poor health bearable. Without Share & Care Services, I very likely would not be here writing this or any other letter ever again. When a person’s quality of living hits a low point where the bad out weighs the good by a considerable margin as I had, you can feel like it is time to check out. I now, however, have things to look forward to, and things to smile about, and some hope for more good days to be in my future.” — W.D.