Share & Care house is a non-profit agency, established in 1982, which provides various services and programs to individuals and families within Washington and Oregon. We work closely with many other non-profit agencies and service providers in order to effectively assist particpants in meeting their needs.

Guardianship Program:

Share & Care House is a Certified Legal Guardianship Agency appointed by Washington State Supreme Court to serve as Legal Guardian for individuals whom the court deems to be incapacitated.

  •  Locating and setting up appropriate housing
  •  Monitoring living arrangements to insure client needs are met
  •  Evaluating ongoing care for their health and safety
  •  Working with medical professionals to address health needs
  •  Enhancing client’s quality of life by connecting them to and collaborating with community programs
  •  Attending and participating in care conferences
  •  Managing client income and expenses
  •  In-person visits with the individual
  •  Being on call 24/7 for emergencies
  •  Escorting participants on community outings, when possible
  •  Reporting to courts in accordance with state laws

Fees for this service are typically $250 monthly with some cases at reduced rates or free of charge. Hourly rate: $60.

Related Services:

In addition to Guardianship, Share & Care House serves as Trustee, Power of Attorney, and/or Executor of Estate, when applicable.

Payee/Fiduciary Programs:

Share & Care House has provided quality money management services for over thirty years for disabled individuals to help eliminate exploitation and homelessness. Serving in this capacity for over 2,000 individuals in 2016.

Share & Care House contracts with Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide Representative Payee Services to beneficiaries whom SSA determines to be in need of assistance in managing their finances. Trained Share & Care House Representative Payee Specialists work closely with the participants, care providers, and social workers setting up budgets with the goal of meeting their basic needs, maintaining stable housing, and beyond. Share & Care House is accountable to SSA and the clients for the accurate management of the benefits submitted to Share & Care House on behalf of the participants. SSA Administration conducts periodic audits of Share & Care House client records to insure accurate and appropriate management of client funds. SSA on-site audit results have consistently reflected the excellent service and accuracy of Share & Care House’s Representative Payee Services. SSA currently sets the monthly fee for this service at $41.00 or 10% of the beneficiaries’ income, whichever is less. This fee is often covered through Medicaid programs and may not directly impact the participant.

In addition to SSA and VA payee/fiduciary services Share & Care House assists participants with the management of their wages, pensions, tax returns, and other sources of income upon request of the participant. Share & Care House provides this additional service at no additional charge and adheres to all State & Federal guidelines in the performance of this extended program.


In today’s job market and economic climate, many people have found themselves homeless or on the verge of homelessness. In response to this community need, Share & Care House expanded its services in Pierce County to include Rapid Rehousing / Rental Assistance and Permanent Supportive Housing.

Long term stable housing which helps increase quality of life is the goal of Share & Care House’s six Permanent Supportive Housing programs with capacity to serve approximately 130 households. Once housed, Housing Advocates partner with participants in setting goals which will help them to successfully maintain stable housing. This supportive service includes assistance, as needed, to access resources such as; food, clothing, medical & mental healthcare, state & federal benefits, job & volunteer opportunities, education, furniture, etc.

  •  Referrals for these programs, as openings become available, must come directly from Pierce County’s Coordinated Entry – Access Point 4 Housing. Contact Access Point 4 Housing @ 253-682-3401 for an assessment and possible referral.
  •  Applicants must be chronically homeless disabled individuals (as defined by HUD guidelines) of Pierce County with less than 30% area medium income.
  •  Openings in Permanent Supportive Housing are limited and dependent upon grants and donations. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Share & Care House provides short-term rental assistance to previously homeless individuals and families. Becoming and retaining stable housing independent of rental assistance is the primary goal for the households assisted through Share & Care House’s Independent Families Rapid Rehousing program.

  •  Referrals for this program, as openings become available, must come directly from Pierce County’s Coordinated Entry – Access Point 4 Housing. Contact Access Point 4 Housing @ 253-682-3401 for an assessment and possible referral.
  •  Applicants must be homeless individuals or families (as defined by HUD guidelines) of Pierce County.
  •  Participants select where they will live and enter into a lease with their landlords. With permission from the participants, Share & Care House, Housing Advocates, work with the landlords to increase the participants’ eligibility for housing. The property is then inspected to insure that all health and safety requirements are met. Once the lease is completed and the inspection approved Share & Care House may provide rental assistance.
  •  Openings in this program are limited and dependent upon grants and donations. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Lifeline-Rent & Utility Assistance is Share & Care House’s Housing & Essential Needs (HEN) program developed and funded by Department of Commerce through Pierce County Community Connections. Eligibility for this program is limited to HEN eligible individuals as determined by DSHS. HEN eligible individuals do not receive any cash assistance from DSHS.


Referrals for this program must come directly from Pierce County DSHS Offices for recipients who are “HEN” eligible and homeless or imminently at risk of becoming homeless.


Eligible applicants may come to our Tacoma Office Tuesdays & Thursdays between 9:00am – 3:00pm or our Puyallup Office Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays 11:00am – 3:00pm.

Applicants need to bring as much of the following items with them as is possible:

  •  Valid identification
  •  Most recent utility bill, late notice, or shut-off notice (when applicable)
  •  Signed lease &/or landlord documentation which clearly indicates physical address of rental property
  •  Property owner’s name
  •  Rent amounts or Pay-or-vacate or eviction notices (when applicable)
  •  Landlord contact information, including phone numbers and address.
  •  Your contact information including emergency contact person information.

Application into this program does not guarantee rent or utility assistance.

Openings in this program are dependent upon the state legislative budget designating funds for HEN each year. Please feel free to contact your legislators and indicate your support for this needed assistance.

If you are homeless in other counties or states contact the Centralized or Coordinated entry provider in your area or call 211 for information and possible assistance.

Clothing Banks:

Share & Care House maintains small Clothing Banks in the Puyallup, Seattle, and Tacoma Offices. The clothing banks are fully supported by the communities we serve through the donation of their gently used items. The Clothing Banks are open to the community on Wednesdays from 11:00am through 3:00pm.